It's More Than Just A Single Booking, It's About Making Them A Returning Customer


"ClinicGrower cares about the patient even after they get to your office, whereas most places are like, hey, We can give you so many leads."


Venous Disease, Vein Treatment


Conroe, TX

Time Period

Less Then 12-Months


Woodlands Vein Center faced the challenge of finding a marketing company who prioritized patient care beyond the initial lead generation stage.

Traditional approaches focused solely on quantity, often neglecting the quality of leads and the patient experience post-arrival.

Woodlands Vein Center wanted a solution that aligned with their values of patient-centric care and recognized the importance of nurturing leads beyond the initial contact.


ClinicGrower, offered a unique approach that prioritized patient care throughout the entire journey.

Unlike other agencies who simply focused on lead quantity, ClinicGrower emphasized lead quality and post-arrival engagement. By tracking patient interactions beyond the initial contact, they provided valuable insights to enhance the patient experience and foster long-term relationships.

We implemented our proprietary 'Click-To-Consult' Growth Marketing system including social media ads, automation, AI and our Appointemnt Booking Concierge (Call Center).

This patient-centric approach and results set ClinicGrower apart from traditional marketing partners.


The results spoke volumes. By prioritizing patient care and engagement, ClinicGrower facilitated meaningful interactions that translated into improved patient retention and satisfaction.

Their approach led to a higher conversion rate of leads into loyal patients who valued the personalized attention received throughout their journey.

As a result, the clinic witnessed increased loyalty, positive word-of-mouth referrals, and enhanced reputation within the community, solidifying Clinic Grower as a trusted partner in their growth strategy.

How Top Doctors & Practice Owners Pack Their Schedules With Pre-Qualified, High-Value Patients To Skyrocket Your Revenue

Now you can when you take advantage of my…

Practice Growth Strategy Session!

This is a custom-tailored plan so you can generate more leads, consults, sales and profits. My team of trained marketing experts and patient concierges will do the following for you:

  • Stealth Competitive Analysis: You'll receive a powerful, competitive analysis with valuable insights into your local competitive landscape to reveal who else is trying to attract your patients, what they are doing, and how you can create a secret advantage to win your unfair share. (Valued at $147)

  • Hidden Profit Assessment: Discover missed revenue opportunities, and how to Unlock them for maximum profit!

  • Fully-Booked Formula: With the Fully-Booked Formula, you'll see how you can attract a steady stream of new (High-Value) patients and clients while nurturing existing ones for long-term success and scale an increasingly thriving practice.

  • New Patient Experience Rating: You get a complete analysis and explanation of what your new patients are experiencing when they find you and actually reach out to you online. This includes their first impression, follow up and more importantly, we’ll show you how to optimize it so that you can ensure that you never lose another new patient opportunity. (Valued at $147)

  • Online Reputation Domination: We’ll assess your current situation and and we’ll share new techniques to consistently generate new reviews, and soar above the competition. (Valued at $97)

  • FREE Practice Revenue & ROI Growth Plan: We will outline step-by-step how you can leverage the internet for more calls, more new patient leads, schedules, pre-paying patients, ROI, and profits. (Valued at $297)

    This is not a “cookie-cutter” plan… but rather…


Bref, Brad and our entire team are passionate about helping Aesthetic Practice Owners scale their business. We take care of your digital marketing and patient acquisition needs, with our full range of PROVEN, premium services, support, and technology.

We specialize in generating a stream of New Patients For Your Practice and delivering outstanding ROI for our partners.

Our mission as a company is to help our clients attract more of their ideal new patients, increase their practice revenue and production, and grow their profits as a direct result of our services.

We care deeply about our clients & their results. The whole team rallies around our client successes and we celebrate as a team when they welcome new patients, grow & hit their goals. 

We look forward to helping you take your practice, and your business to the next level!

A Specific Blueprint For

YOUR Practice, YOUR Business

And YOUR Particular Local Area!

This Growth Plan alone is valued at $297 and worth every penny. 

You receive this at No-Cost, 100% FREE When You Show Up For Your Free Strategy Session.

We Create New Profit Centers For Your Practice & Generate New High-Value, Patients, Pre-Paying For Consults & Procedures

Be With The Best: Top Doctors, Single & Multi-Location Practices Choose ClinicGrower

$295,000 IN UNDER 200 DAYS

"The Results have been Nothing less than Unbelievable, Miraculous."

70% of New Patients come from ClinicGrower!

200% Increase in NP Volume

We've Had Double the New Patients. 6-8 New Patients Per Day. Legit!

MedSpa & Plastic Surgeon Experience The DIFFERENCE

"Increase of 30-60% in REVENUE. Thank you ClinicGrower"

Pre-Paid Consults & Procedures For Cosmetic Surgery

"We've made over $1.3M in revenue! They've gone above and beyond!"

New Patients, New Reviews, New REVENUE

"We recommend ClinicGrower WITHOUT hesitation"

Elective Healthcare Doctors

"Working with ClinicGrower is a no-brainer! The exclusivity is a master-stroke."

Cosmetic Dentists

Over $150,000 in new production. "It's been a very good experience!"


"Booked 3-4 weeks out now, with new and returning patients"

"We're seeing 12-18 NEW patients per month as a result!"

"I Tried everything - I GUARANTEE the one that paid off the most for me is ClinicGrower"

"ClinicGrower cared about the patient even AFTER they got to your office"

"Just do it! To have ClinicGrower on your side makes it so much easier"

"Quite frankly, the first company we stuck with LONG-TERM because we see the results"

"50-60 New Patients Per MONTH! "AMAZING!"

"Extremely happy!”

"You Guys Have It Figured Out!...Proven Strategies...Ahead of Everybody. A Great Product!"

"Absolutely phenomenal"

"I was skeptical. But "With you guys...I've seen 2 or 3 patients, just this morning"

National Leaders - Growing Practices & Growing MOMENTUM

"REAL PATIENTS WALKING INTO THE OFFICE...I've already referred multiple practices (to ClinicGrower)."

"$30,000 per MONTH in New Patient Production"

"Countless New Patients! It's been a wonderful source of new patients. We highly recommend ClinicGrower"

"FANTASTIC! We had to slow down due to the amazing results! "

We Create New Profit Centers For Your Practice & Generate New High-Value, Patients, Pre-Paying For Consults & Procedures

  • 121 New Patients Per Month Average

  • 98% Show rate

  • 2:1 ROI from pre-payments, before patients came in!

  • 17:1 ROI From Services Sold!

  • Had challenges with booking, show, conversion and sales

  • 2.5x DOUBLED her MedSpa business within 9-Months

  • 100% FULLY-BOOKED Now each week!

  • 5:1 ROI!

  • $277,015 ADDITIONAL (NEW) Monthly Revenue!

  • 97% Show rate

  • 3:1 ROI from pre-payments, before patients came in!

  • 20:1 ROI From Services Sold!

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