ClinicGrower is a leading digital marketing agency that works specifically with medical and dental practices in order to connect them with new patients in their community and generate inquiries, appointments, and sales. We are a vital part of their overall business and success as we deliver results and help grow these practices to new levels.

Thanks to impressive growth we are looking to add an additional Client Success Associate (CSA) to our team to support our growing Client Success Team.

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• Fun, fast-paced work environment

• Constantly evolving, cutting edge technology

• The ability to make a significant impact immediately upon jumping in

• Remote work opportunity

• Impressive salary structure

• Numerous team building activities to promote collaboration

• Bonuses and benefits


As a Client Success Associate (CSA), you are responsible for developing client relationships that promote retention and loyalty. Your job is to work closely with our client success team to ensure our clients are satisfied with the services they receive and to improve upon areas of dissatisfaction. You will be expected to provide a moderate level of technical support to customers with the goal to keep clients satisfied with the business’s products and being technically competent enough to resolve issues without much back and forth.

To be a successful Client Success Associate one must bring the ENERGY, ENTHUSIASM and excel at collaborating with others to drive best practices, working directly with clients to achieve success, communicating with clients and teammates, and identifying opportunities for product expansion with clients.

Our Client Success Team are our client’s main point of contact (POC) at the company and therefore you are expected to maintain an enthusiastic “can do” attitude at all times when customer-facing.

You will be expected to develop a thorough understanding of client objectives and success metrics to drive tailored solutions that will ultimately increase adoption and retention.

This position involves supporting the sales department with onboarding of new clients; working with our clients on an ongoing basis as a point of contact; sending scheduled updates to all clients on the progress of their campaigns and creating and maintaining retention and referral programs to retain existing clients.


  • Client Onboarding: Responsible for supporting team leaders who provide client onboarding once the sales team has closed the sale and has filled out any required onboarding documents. Onboarding new clients and training those client’s and their staff on our system
  • Client Support: As an important part of the team, you will be responsible for answering client questions and addressing any concerns in an efficient, retention based manner. Work actively with clients, their staff and business advisors to promote best practices, communicate effectively and on a regular basis and be the liaison for all external client activities. Recommend and execute action plans in such a way as to ensure maximum adoption, resolution and recovery to all client issues.
  • Clearly communicating the benefits of new product features and ensuring customers promptly adopt them
  • Client Retention: Create and maintain a calendar of ‘special events’ for each client (birthdays, client start date, anniversaries, first leads, first patient signed up, benchmarks and goals etc.), and facilitate ways to recognize these dates, such as sending cards, brownies, emails or a simple phone call. We want clients to feel like we’re an integral part of their business and to know that we’re always thinking of them and have their goals in mind.
  • Promote memorable customer experiences through personalized “WOW” gifts, cards, and actions.
  • Monthly Reporting: Send timely and consistent reports to clients highlighting positive aspects of the campaigns we’re running. All reports should be sent on the same schedule, and in the same format - branded to the company and reports should be used as a retention and/or sales tool where appropriate.
  • Develop and Maintain a Client Retention Strategy: Work with our leadership team to continue refining and improving existing Client Retention Strategy. This will mean bringing new ideas to the table at monthly meetings and having a plan to deploy new strategies and a way to track the results of those efforts.
  • Research: Always be on the lookout for ways to improve our services and process. Also for ways, to reach more clients, and to maintain or upsell existing clients in ways that help them to achieve their goals even faster.
  • Developing and nurturing clients into advocates to increase brand awareness and build a sense of community.
  • Reply to each client request as soon as possible, same-day or first thing the following day for overnight requests.
  • Manage detailed and structured timelines, programs, tasks, and project management systems using Monday, Asana and Slack

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  • At least 2 years of professional experience in Customer Success or Client Experience
  • Able to self-direct and properly manage one’s time
  • Experience in building and maintaining strong relationships with customers
  • Efficient with all integrated platforms within the company
  • Excellent communication skills, both with clients and cross-departmentally and ability to relay ideas clearly
  • Ability to learn quickly and execute at a high level with speed
  • Ability to work under high stress and pressing deadlines
  • Able to make autonomous decisions of how to handle customers based on company moral/values and set guidelines
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively using emotional intelligence, de-escalation tactics and apply strong problem-solving skills
  • Availability to work M-F 8.30 AM-5.30 PM EST; Must be flexible and able to work additional hours/weekends/holidays if the situation warrants it
  • Able to multitask efficiently and without issues
  • Generally reachable and responsive to Client Inquiries and team members (Slack) during working hours
  • Strict attention to detail and cross-checking data
  • Must be friendly, assertive and able to clearly communicate with clients by phone, video conferencing and email
  • Must be organized and able to update agency CRM regularly and maintain documentation on all pertinent client activities.
  • Autonomy and ability to thrive in remote work environments
  • Ability to show up on daily team Zoom meetings

Bonus / Preferences

  • Post Secondary Education relevant to the position and our industry is preferred

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